Sunday, November 27, 2011

The "Crystal Ball"

Kabria Fragrance Diffuser Garden

As Pomeroy is considered a fashion vendor the life cycle of our products can be as short as one season, around six months, or live on for five years and beyond.  I know there must be a retail “crystal ball” out there but sadly I have not found it yet.  I never know unequivocally whether a particular design will work.  
Knowing what product is going to hit a nerve and be the next million dollar item, is as illusive as political harmony.  All designers have fun ideas.  Its always only a question of whether the idea is ahead of its time, too late to be meaningful, or perfectly timed (which is usually complete luck).  When I have an idea about something I move very quickly.  Speed is critical in our shop.  
When your business is based on new items and new looks, as ours is, you must be focused at all times on creating and finalizing new products.  Our customers are savvy, and will not be excited by a “re-do” of something I showed them six months prior.  Fashion product is a bit like coffee;  the minute it gets cold it might as well be tar on the road you are driving on to get something that tastes better!  They will become bored, and assume we are losing our touch and move on.
In that respect, this business can be grueling; however, it’s also that pressure to produce which keeps the collection exciting.  Pressure is a necessary component to our products.  It drives everything we do.  It keeps us honest with the product, forcing us to constantly re-evaluate what we are doing; and above all,  KEEP IT FRESH AND HOT!